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Using Zapier to Automate and Inspire Internal Social Media Advocacy

Inspired by a presentation by Joe Moran, Communications and Technology Director of the True Colors Fund and also know as @JoeSaidSo at this week’s #501TechNYC meetup, I put together a couple of Zaps in Zapier to notify our internal team of our social media activities.

Joe shared a collection of automation ideas (both good and ones to avoid) during his presentation and showcased two automation services/tools in IFTTT and Zapier. One specific idea he shared hit me as such a nice no-brainer for us. To improve internal advocacy, everytime @mindsondesign posts a tweet, let’s let our team know via email and ask them to RT or @.

First Zap: Send our team an email each time we tweet

So, as a Zapier fan, I created a zap to check for new tweets from @mindsondesign and when it finds one send an automated email to our team via my Google Apps email with a link to the tweet, the text of the tweet, and a message to ask them to share it forward. Here’s a Zap template in case you want to set up your own.

IFTTT, Zapier … what?

In case you don’t know, IFTTT and Zapier are services that connect other services together. When something happens in one service you can define an action in another. As in my example above, when there’s a tweet … send an email.

Second Zap: Send our team an email each time we blog

Another recipe/zap that I created is similar to the one above. Whenever we post a new blog to our site, let our staff know via email and ask them to show it some love. Here’s a template you can use to set up your own Zap for blog -> email.

Yeah Automation

Up till now, we manually let everyone know when a new blog is posted and we didn’t really have a systemic way to let them know when there’s a new tweet. So the first saves us some time and the second offers something we were not able to do before. We used Zapier, but I believe both these Zaps could be done as IFTTT recipes.

Given that we don’t blog or tweet too frequently, I think these automation ideas make sense for us, and certainly if you were to try these for your team, you’d want to consider how “spammy” this would feel.

If you have any questions about the above, IFTTT or Zapier, don’t hestiate to drop a comment or send me a tweet @SethGiammanco.

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