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Streamlining the Donation Checkout Experience for the Arts for Autism Campaign

For this year’s Arts for Autism fundraiser, we worked with the Autism Society of Northern Virginia on a number of enhancements to their microsite including improving the Champion Fundraiser page creation process, increasing the use Google Analytics for KPI related data collection, and notably enhancing the donation checkout experience.


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Anatomy of an Engagement Campaign

On May 15th The NYC 501 Tech club will be hosting our own Seth Giammanco whom will be leading a talk through a case study of a recent highly successful engagement campaign with representatives from the Partnership at and JWT New York.

This free event isn’t just going to be talking about engagement but will be role modeling it as well. The panel style format will be an excellent opportunity for participants to ask the hard questions and learn more about the process, challenges and success that was part of the campaign.


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Fundraising API: ASNV’s Arts for Autism Campaign

A brief look at our use of the Giving Impact™ fundraising API to support the Autism Society of Northern Virginia’s annual Arts For Autism campaign. As part of our design and development efforts, the API allowed us to create a fully branded and integrated donation experience.


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Giving Impact: PNOLA Raises Over $5,000 To Help Rebuild New Orleans

PNOLA was one of our first Giving Impact™ Grant applicants and we are excited to share that they successfully funded their first campaign. The following details their effort and our reflections.


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Another Gold Star, FTW: A Look at Achievement Systems

Do you remember the chart your teacher had on the bulletin board or hanging right off the front of his/her desk? It was the one that had the gold stars for when you got a 100% score on your weekly spelling test. Do you remember that feeling of achievement when you earned a new star? Did you feel motivated to do well on your next test just so you can get another star?


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