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Using Zapier to Automate and Inspire Internal Social Media Advocacy

Until now, we manually let everyone know when a new blog is posted and we didn’t really have a systemic way to let them know when there’s a new tweet. To engage our team around our social media activity, we took the advice of Joe Moran, Communications and Technology Director of the True Colors Fund shared in his recent #501TechNYC presentation on automation to use one of our favorite tools, Zapier, to automate some social media inspired notifications.


"As a nonprofit organization that uses technology to empower and inspire today's youth, our online presence is a critical component of our communications strategy. Mod-Lab's extensive experience in design, development and project management has helped MOUSE to transform its online marketing presence with an exciting, engaging new website and e-newsletter. They are a talented, dedicated team, with whom we greatly value our partnership."

- Carole Wacey, Executive Director, MOUSE