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ExpressionEngine Add-on: MODL Social Widgets

Seth Giammanco By SethG,
Principal, Technology

This add-on is available on Github

One of the many reasons we love working with ExpressionEngine is the fantastic developer community and the myriad of open source and commercial add-ons members produce to extend the ExpressionEngine platform. Over the past year we have been working on a collection of client projects that have required custom add-on development. This combined with our attendance at the 2011 EECI (ExpressionEngine CodeIgniter) conference has inspired us to start crafting some add-on to help us do what we do better.

We continually work to help make our web projects more social, and one of the most basic ways is to offer visitors an opportunity to share content to his/her social network. I can't tell you how many times I have had to go to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google +1's developer pages to either use their widget generators or refer to their docs to set up their unique share buttons. This is never much fun and though it doesn't take that long to do, doing so over the course of multiple projects does add up. So we created a simple ExpressionEngine plugin that allows us to add in the needed JS and unique widget parameters for the above mentioned platforms using friendly EE tags.

This add-on is available on Github publicly so that others may benefit as well. If you check it out and/or take it for a spin, we certainly would welcome any feedback.

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