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April 26th, 2017
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Last month I presented a session at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference. The session was titled Content for Email and Email for Engagement. I shared a host of information about creating compelling content to build email lists and tactics for using automation to inspire further engagement from new subscribers.

The session explored the following:

  • What is 'Evergreen Content' and ideas for repurposing content you already have to create it

  • How to evaluate your content ideas for potential effectiveness

  • Creating a 'home' for your content

  • Setting up your email capture forms

  • Automation to drive traffic to your content

  • Automation to help nurture your new subscribers for further engagement

  • A look at advanced automation tactics driven by user identification

  • Affordable tools to power your email and automation efforts

I was joined by James Porter from The End Fund who shared some great case studies from his experience.

Feedback from the session was very positive overall. Here are a few of the session feedback responses from anonymous attendees.

  • Excellent content, useful content, fun content.

  • Excellent. Lots of great resources. Very practical

  • Great information, and gave me some really great ideas to bring back to my organization. I'm really looking forward to implementing these things!

  • The presenters knew their stuff and I especially loved learning about the path and steps from trigger to workflow/journey. I can't wait to test that out, as well as playing around with packaging some of our best blogs as list bait.

Presentation Slides

Though not the same as receiving the presentation in person, here are the slides that were used to guide our session.

I am working on a short book

The idea for this session came from spending the latter part of 2015 into 2016 immersed in technical content strategy and automation.

I worked with various tools including Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, Jumplead and Drip. I read and continue to read a ton of related content. I worked with clients to apply strategies for content driven micro-engagements.

Though there are some great resources on these topics out there geared towards Nonprofits, I still was surprised from conversations about how some of these strategies and newer tools were not known or at least not yet being employed. I also found that newer tools and even not so new tools with new capabilities were not well known.

So I started writing. I believe I have a nice resource brewing.

To test to see if the content and ideas have an audience I created this session. The reactions during the session and conversations/feedback that followed have inspired me to get my short book done and out there.

Are you interested in learning more about this topic and my resource?

UPDATE: Our eBook is now available!

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Seth Giammanco
Principal, Strategy and Technology

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