Topics To Discuss With Your Web Development Partner

Seth Giammanco Seth Giammanco

This past March I attended the annual NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington D.C. In addition to connecting and learning with great people, I took this opportunity to get a pulse for what non-profits and non-profit technologists are thinking about.

Through the course of the conversations and sessions I was surprised to find that some core best practices the we employ when developing websites were things that many organizations did not seem to have in their website builds.

Some examples included:

  • Page titles that were so long they negatively impacted SEO.
  • Content modeled with just a title and body for all content types and pages. This meant that any and all unique content stylings had to be employed through a WYSIWG editor causing all sorts of problems.

These topics got me thinking about RFP and “get to know" related conversations we've had with potential non-profit clients. What were the questions that were asked of me and more importantly what were the ones that were not?

Inspired, I used the train ride back to NYC to draft a series of questions to discuss with a web development partner you are getting to know. With the help of my team, we have put together a downloadable resources to share with the non-profit community.

We are excited to announce our latest resource, Critical Topics To Discuss With Your Web Development Partner.

In it we present the following discussion topics. It is our hope they inspire thoughtful conversations that will result in better relationships with your web development partners and better websites for you.

  • Success Metrics
  • Content No-Management
  • Content Modeling
  • The Control Panel
  • Content Entry or Migration
  • SEO
  • Redesign or Website Overhaul SEO Browser Support
  • CMS Tech Frankenstein
  • “It's a Trap!"

Please check it out and share with others if you find it useful.

We hope you find this general resource useful and welcome feedback. From the handful of early readers we shared this with, we already have some materials for a Part II.

Feel free to share you thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.