Content Modeling: Where Strategy, Web Design and Web Development Converge

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"Content Modeling: Where Strategy, Web Design and Web Development Converge" is a presentation that Seth Giammanco, Principal and Technology Lead at MOD-Lab created and shared with both peers and nonprofit technologists. 

A content model defines the structure of a website's content. It details the types, fields, and relationships of various content types and elements. It is the wizard behind the curtain that impacts your website's ease of use, ability to stay on brand, to tell a story, to integrate or power outside services, and to be responsive and performant.

Content modeling is an important ingredient for building a better CMS driven website and this presentation shares how strategists, web designers, and CMS engineers should all sit at the table of content strategy and collaborate on the effective delivery of content.

Presented At

Each presentation has unique elements to fit a particular audience, delivery method, or our evolving knowledge.

Peers Conference 2015

Philadelphia, PA - A one hour session to agency owners, CMS platform founders, and web engineers.

501TechNYC Meetup & NTEN Webinar, 2014

content model preso

New York, NY & Online - Two one hour presentation to nonprofit technologists and strategists including both staff and vendors across two days. The first presentation was in person followed the next day by a webinar.

Further Reading

The following are a collection of resources that were referenced in the presentation and/or provided inspiration for its creation.

​About Content Modeling

The following are some helpful reads about content modeling.

  • "The content model both influences and is influenced by the work of several other disciplines. A content model helps clarify requirements and encourages collaboration between the designers, the developers creating the CMS, and the content creators." - Rachel Lovinger, Content Modelling: A Master Skill
  • "Content models appear to be the black sheep of information architecture. They are seldom done." - Cleve Gibbon, What is content modeling
  • "This is to say that there is both an art and a science to creating content models. Create one that is too complex and full of distinctions without meaningful differences and you wind up with unwieldy content management systems (CMSs) and unhappy content creators. But if you don't break the hard rocks of the given subject matter you wind up with an unstructured blob of content that is hard to reshape and reuse." - Anthony Kosner, The Art of the Database: Why Content Modeling Matters

​Content and the Web

Changing focus and paradigm shifts regarding web content.

Building a Supportive CMS

We have the power to build CMS solutions that scaffold publishers.

​API Madness (in good way)

The CMS as a content API to deliver modeled content to multiple sites and apps.