Online Engagement Spectrum

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The term “Online Engagement" can mean a lot of different things and is often difficult to articulate. Is it about more clicks and shares in social media, comments on a blog or something else? The reality is that online engagement is as much a mindset and organizational value as it is a set of strategies. The goal should be to create a genuine connection across all communication channels that allows the community to feel heard and share ownership of your story.

When online engagement is misunderstood or not supported by your entire organization, efforts often fail rather than create meaningful impact towards the mission.

So how do you improve your efforts? Get everyone in your organization on the same page by using a common language to assess current activities, manage expectations and inspire conversation around what should be done to take engagement to the next level.

To help you accomplish this, we collaborated with Farra Trompeter at Big Duck to develop The Online Engagement Spectrum that provides information in each of the following categories.

  • Strategic Direction
  • Communication Style
  • Buy-In
  • Community Perception

We hope this resource helps set a foundation for your internal conversations and strategic thinking.

Download the Engagement Spectrum Resource (PDF) and start improving your efforts today.

This resource was developed in partnership with Farra Trompeter at Big Duck as part of a joint presentation given at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

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