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Visual Brand Stewardship

Gather your print and digital materials — brochures, newsletters, email templates, and screenshots of key website pages — and spread everything out in front of you. What do you see? If your immediate answer isn’t, “All this is clearly from the same organization and here’s the story they’re telling,” then you may have brand creep. But don’t worry, MOD-Lab can get you back on track with a cohesive look and feel that you’ll be proud to show off.

Visual Brand Stewardship

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"MOD-Lab is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. The MOD team is composed of unique individuals who bring fresh new age perspectives, to keep up with the ever changing marketing world. Thank you for making HJTEP feel rejuvenated and valued."

Mikella Matthias, Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program

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We’re MOD-Lab, a design and digital team for the social good sector. We provide the experience and resourcefulness to bring your ideas to life.

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