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iEARN Collaboration Centre Home Page

The Collaboration Centre is an application designed to facilitate collaboration between teachers and students across international boundaries. A cultural and knowledge exchange that has been at the heart of iEARN’s program and mission. Minds on Design Lab was brought on to provide strategy, design, and technical leadership to enhance iEARN’s team and plan, design deliver the next generation of the Collaboration Centre. Nearly a year long project culminated in a successful release in the summer of 2012 followed by continual iterations of enhancements and improvements since.

Collaboration Groups with Custom Forums

iEARN Collaboration Centre Group Home
iEARN Collaboration Centre Group Forums

The heart of each project experience are forums where users can post topics and respond to each other. We architected a solution where groups represent projects and groups are organized into larger collections called "Spaces" for further context.

Each group has group facilitators with administrative controls to manage whom can join the group as well as the forums and media shared during the course of the related project activity.

The forums were custom designed to promote use of rich media, including files, images, and video. The latter is powered through an integration with Zencoder for transcoding allowing users to upload video in a variety of formats without having to "prepare" it for web ahead of time.

Responsive and Impactful

iEARN Collaboration Centre Responsive Design

The entire web application has been crafted with a responsive design treatment allowing for a complete feature rich experience across the landscape of web enabled devices.

Beyond web access, the forums can be interacted with entirely via email. Users can receive emails when posts are made or to send an email to create a topic. Notifications can be replied to and can contain attachments allowing for rich media to be shared.

Over 900,000 forum notification emails have been delivered in the applications' first year and a half.

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