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MOUSE@15 Anniversary Gala Branding and Collateral

MOUSE commemorated their 15th anniversary with a Gala celebration that showcased student projects, founders, supporters, and staff. It was a distinct pleasure to work with MOUSE to create the branding, signage, program, and a host of other collateral to support the event.

Mouse@15 Logo
Mouse@15 Program
Mouse@15 Posters

The focus of the event was on the innovative youth that are at the heart of what MOUSE is about. As such, the story of MOUSE which is a story of students and educators engaged in their program were the critical assets at the foundation of the event's design. From the signage to the program, MOUSE stories throughout.

Live From the Event

A collection of images taken by MOUSE that highlight the energy and scope of the event along with examples of collateral we produced.

Source: MOUSE@15 Flickr Set

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