AGScamHelp Website and Application

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AGScamHelp is a website and application to provide New York State homeowners with accurate information about the foreclosure process along with tips and resources to avoid potential scams.

As a partner to the Center for New York City Neighborhoods (CNYCN), we collaborated to deliver a responsive, bilingual, and unique resource to address a notable community challenge.

Strategic Solution Planning

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Given the interactive nature of the website our solution planning efforts considered both site content as well as interactive user experience.

This website has many technical intricacies including integration with that is facilitated through a content API, geocoding to generate a dynamic map, and highly performant search.

Visual Design Mood Boards

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At the same time our technical team was working on solution planning, our design and interface team collaborated to produce a mood board for the project.

The boards produced set the visual brand for the site.


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Promotional Postcards

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Project Response

The project was unveiled on 12/2/14 at a press conference held by the NYS Attorney General. This was followed by a buzz of press and social coverage. The following are a few select tweets to highlight some of that initial buzz.