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iEARN Collaboration Center iOS App

iEARN's Collaboration Centre is a unique web application that brings teachers and students together, internationally, to engage in cultural and educational exchange through working on projects together. We feel privileged to work with iEARN to build and continue to evolve the Collaboration Centre and we were extremely excited when iEARN approached us to bring the Collaboration Centre experience to a native mobile app. We worked with iEARN, employing our proven process to help define, plan, design, develop, and deliver a native iOS app solution to the Apple App Store.

Discover and Planning

We kicked off the project with a planning effort to explore a host of questions that helped to define the goals and scope of the app.

  • What are the goals of the app?
  • Do we replicate the entire Collaboration Centre experience on mobile?
  • If not, what would make a strong minimal viable product (MVP)?
  • iOS or Android first?
  • What native functionality do we feel would uniquely improve the Collaboration Centre experience?

In collaboration with iEARN, we decided on an iOS app that provides a complimentary experience to the Collaboration Centre. The app is focused on helping site members interact with the projects they have joined and that would utilize native photo functionality.

Visual Design Concept and Production

Our visual design efforts extended the look and feel of the Web-based Collaboration Centre to the native application.

Our goals were to keep design assets lightweight and on brand as well as to craft some thoughtful design elements to deliver a native experience.

Technology and Production

First, we developed an API for the web-based Collaboration Centre that delivered all the data and functionality required by the native app.

Next, we built the native app using the Apache Cordova platform along with Angular JS to leverage web technologies to deliver an efficient and maintainable codebase. A codebase that could be extended to deliver an Android app in the future.

For metrics and tracking, we utilized Google Analytics for mobile.

The final app was submitted to Apple's App Store and was approved within two weeks.

Collaboration Centre and Native Application in Action

The following video was produced by Micro-Documentaries, and showcases educator Kathy Bosiak and students of Lincolnton High School in North Carolina and their experiences with iEARN. Includes some great clips of the main Collaboration Centre web application as well as the native iOS app in authentic use.