About Us

MOD-Lab is the creative and web team for your Nonprofit. Our team of senior graphic designers and web developers are here to enhance your nonprofit and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Team

  • Seth Giammanco

    Seth Giammanco, Principal, Strategy & Technology

  • Michelle Perreault

    Michelle Perreault, Principal, Strategy & Design

  • Katie Austin

    Katie Austin, Design

  • Adam Chlan

    Adam Chlan, Technology

  • Mike Joseph

    Mike Joseph, Technology

How we work with you

You are a nonprofit or a social good business trying to make a difference. You want to raise money. You want to promote your events, content, or maybe even an online product to engage people in your mission.

You are overwhelmed.

You want to focus on your communication ideas but spend too much time trying to be a designer, web producer, technologist, and communication specialist all in one. You're struggling to stay on brand, frustrated with technology and want things to be easier. You don't have the resources to staff your own print and digital communications team.

We can help.

We build websites, help with email and content marketing, we create beautiful designs that are on brand. We do this with you, collaboratively. We are your creative and web team.

Add MOD-Lab to your team.

Contact us and lets talk about working on a project together.