About Us

MOD-Lab is a digital and design team. Our senior graphic designers and web developers are here to enhance your nonprofit's team and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Team

  • Michelle Perreault

    Michelle Perreault, Founder, Strategy & Design

  • Seth Giammanco

    Seth Giammanco, Principal, Strategy & Technology

  • Katie Austin

    Katie Austin, Design

  • Adam Chlan

    Adam Chlan, Technology

  • Mike Joseph

    Mike Joseph, Technology

  • Isaac Castillo

    Isaac Castillo, Technology

About Us

MOD-Lab has been partnering with nonprofits since 2007 to share our digital and design expertise.

We are a dedicated team of seasoned graphic design and web development professionals. Every person on our team has more than 10 years of experience.

We help organizations keep up, evolve, and persistently work towards their goals. We believe in continuous improvement and have a plan to support to.

Learn more about our services and contact us to schedule a get to know call.