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Crafting an effective nonprofit about page: opportunities and tips

Want to improve your nonprofit's website? Start with the about page! Learn more about crafting an effective nonprofit about page.

A nonprofit organization's about page is one of the most critical pages of its website. It's the go to source to learn more about an organization and is often one of the most trafficked pages. In this article, we will discuss the About page, the opportunities and tips to use it well.

Your about page is likely one of the most visited pages on your website

We reviewed the top pages visited for a collection of our client partner sites in a given year. For all but a few very content rich sites, the about page was in the top ten of visited pages. For those content rich sites the about page was in the top 20.

Check your analytics. Where does your about page rank?

If you are like our client partners and it is pretty high up, it may be worth thinking about how well it is set up to work for you.

The role of a nonprofit's about page

People visit your about page to get to know your organization. A visitor may be a potential donor trying to see how legit you are. It could be someone in need and wanting to see if you might be the right folks to help. Here are some key roles your about page must play.

Communicates the Mission

The about page is an opportunity to tell your nonprofit's story and share its mission. A clear, concise mission statement will help visitors understand your organization's purpose. You want a visitor to be clear on the problem you are trying to solve and the good that will result in solving it.

Builds Trust and Credibility

First impressions matter. The confidence in your About page's design and the directness of its content are important. Showcase your partners, history, and notable accomplishments.

Engages Potential Supporters

Your about page can inspire potential donors, volunteers, and partners to support your cause. Highlight your nonprofit's impact through metrics and success stories. Share what a donor or volunteer makes happen when they join your efforts. Provide opportunity to take action directly from your about page.

Tips for creating an effective about page

  1. Be clear and concise - When writing your About page, use simple language and keep your content focused. Aim to provide information about your organization's mission, history, and impact in a way that is easy to understand and digest.
  2. Showcase your accomplishments - Share stories and statistics that demonstrate the impact of your organization. This is a great opportunity to repurpose content gathered for impact/annual reports.
  3. Showcase an opportunity to donate or partner - Someone may be checking out your about page to decide to donate. Make it easy for them. Include a donate button or form on your about page. Share contact information if they are interested in partnering.
  4. Include relevant visuals - Images and videos can help bring your organization's story to life. Use high-quality visuals that reflect your nonprofit's work. Photos of your team in action or videos showcasing your impact humanize your efforts.
  5. Make it personal - Introduce your team members and share their stories to create a personal connection with your audience. Help potential supporters feel more connected to your cause and more likely to get involved.
  6. Keep it updated - Regularly update your page with new accomplishments, team members, and other relevant information. Ensure that the page reflects your organization's current status and impact.
Coast Guard Foundation about page. Has text and video towards top of page that shares the mission and vision of the organization. Has a ways to give section that includes opportunities to donate or contact to partner. Finally, has a section with three community stories, each with an image, that showcases impact. is a nice example of an about page that answers the who and why of the organization, shares impact through stories, and offers clear opportunities to give.

Your organization's story and call to action

Your nonprofit's about page is a crucial element of your online presence. It is the place a visitor gets to know you as they decide how to engage. A clear, informative, and engaging page builds trust and inspires potential supporters. How effective of an about page do you have? Does it express why your organization exists and your effectiveness? Does it provide an opportunity to take action to show support?

We hope you find the tips in this article helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions or if you need any help with your about page or general website efforts.

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