7 Questions to Help You Prepare for a Design Project Kickoff

What’s the most critical part of good design? Having the right conversation before you start. Our founder Michelle Perreault shares what goes into a great design kick-off meeting.

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Everything Old Is New Again: A New Era of Website Design

It’s the nature of technology that we’re always looking for the next new thing. But the next new thing in websites is the old original thing. Let’s explore how combining the simple elegance of ‘90s coding with the technology of today is creating a new era in website design.

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6 Important Considerations for Building a Modern Website

Have people been saying that your nonprofit needs a new website? Maybe they think your design looks old-fashioned, or that it's not flexible enough to promote all your programs. Their criticism may be right, but it's not the only reason you may need a new site. Before you start planning how a website should look, let's talk about the technology infrastructure you should be focusing on if you want supporters to see you as a modern nonprofit.

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