5 Team Chat Tips for Remote Teams

Is your nonprofit going remote? Our team has been remote since our beginnings in 2007. As a result, we have learned a thing or two. Here are 5 tips for using chat for remote teams.

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Where does your organization stand on tracking data privacy?

Privacy plays an important role in a nonprofit's brand expression. How you consider the privacy of your audience is very much a reflection of your relationship with them.

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How do you prioritize what to add next to your website?

One of the challenges for many organizations is figuring out what changes to focus on next for their website or web application. Do you have a process for doing this?

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A Product Mindset & Taking Inventory Can Help Your Nonprofit

We believe it can be transformational to think about your nonprofits offerings with a product mindset. Keeping up to date documentation of your offerings is a good first step.

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