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2024 WISE Woman of the Year Awards Luncheon

For the Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Women of the Year Awards, Minds On Design Lab crafted a visual identity that is bold and inspiring. Drawing from the foundational elements of WISE's brand guidelines, our designs support themes of leadership and empowerment. We used dynamic graphic elements and featured leaders who will be at the event. The result is a look that resonates with the spirit of WISE and its mission.

Our design approach started with the creation of a mood board, which set the tone for the event and provided a cohesive visual direction. This initial phase allowed us to experiment with different aesthetics that reflect the core values of WISE. After refining the concept and aligning with the WISE team on a preferred direction, we extended this new design across various promotional materials. The versatility of the design ensures that it can be seamlessly adapted not only for the awards luncheon but also for the WISE/R symposium event that precedes it. This thoughtful adaptability means that every piece of event collateral, whether produced by us or the WISE team, maintains a consistent and engaging look that celebrates the achievements and contributions of women in sports and events.

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Michelle and the team at Minds on Design Lab worked with us to develop the look and feel of two of our biggest events, the WISE/R Symposium and WISE Women of the Year Luncheon. Both looks were modern, clean and representative of the WISE brand. The creative was well received by our staff and the WISE constituents at our events.

- Carolanne McAuliffe, WISE

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