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Mouse20 Anniversary Gala Collateral Design

MOD-Lab has been a partner to Mouse for half of their 20 years. Together, we have done phenomenal work to support underserved youth with opportunities to create and grow with technology.

To have worked with Mouse to support their 15th year anniversary gala and then have the opportunity to do the same for their 20th is an intense honor. It is also a showcase of the value of our partnership.

Creative Team and Gala Theme

For this event, our creative team was inspired to use Mouse's new brand identity produced by the talented team at The Additive Agency. We had recently completed a full brand rollout and website for Mouse and have become stewards of the new brand. Our designers were challenged to give the Mouse20 event its own special feel, while at the same time making sure it aligned closely with the established look. 

We kicked off the project with a brainstorming meeting with Mouse, Additive and us which resulted in the event name - Mouse20. The idea of expressing the 20 years as an exponent was paired with "Powering Change" as the key messaging and theme.

To express the theme we played with "Powering ..." to come up with 20 different phrases that showcase and express the impact of Mouse and the youth they serve. Our design concepts for the event was to create 20 new icons to add to Mouse's icon library (called a kit of parts), one to support each of the 20 phrases. 

Event Design

We used these new icons, along with the powering phrases and existing brand guidelines to produce the designs for the gala. We now had a look that was inline with Mouse's foundation, and some new elements to play with for the event materials! An added bonus was that in addition to being more budget friendly, using the existing branding provided an opportunity for certain event materials to be used beyond the gala to support future Mouse events and gatherings.

Save the Date and Invitations

Gobo (Lighting) and Centerpiece

We used the new icon art to create cool lighting effects in the event space. That worked well with Mouse's LED flower centerpieces. 

Led flower centerpieces

Event Sponsorship Signage

Ticketing Technology and Website

Mouse expressed an interest in a modern, nicely designed, and integrated ticketing purchase solution. They also wanted something reasonably priced. We recommended Tito. Tito is a great platform that has been used to power some fantastic events through nicely designed event pages. Pricing is reasonable and it uses Stripe for payment processing which is another benefit. 

To get something live quickly to support initial ticket registrations, we utilized Tito's hosted event page services to create a ticket purchasing landing page. 

Shortly thereafter we worked with Mouse to create a new page in their Craft CMS powered website and integrated the Ticket purchase using Tito's very developer friendly widgets. This approach allowed us to deliver a branded solution at very reasonable cost. Mouse was extremely happy with the use of Tito and ticket sales were processed smoothly and without error.

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