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EmbraceRace Partnership

EmbraceRace is a small and mighty team with a mission to raise a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed, and brave about race.

The EmbraceRace story, beautifully told and strategically implemented, has grown their community by over 400%.

Here’s how we did it.

Our work began with the establishment of a beautiful website brand. We expanded this look and feel across the web, social media, email, digital downloads and impact reports - everywhere supporters connected with the EmbraceRace mission.

Now, as monthly partners, our focus shifts to expanding EmbraceRace’s reach and community. Using a collaborative, outcomes-driven approach, we set goals, coordinate them across the organization, and analyze the efforts to inform future actions. We actively manage their Google Ad Grant driving new people to their content.

The result is a mailing list that has grown over 400%. Monthly website traffic has grown by over 400%. Recurring donors are in the hundreds, and major support has grown significantly.

This is the EmbraceRace story, beautifully told.


2020 GDUSA American Web Design Award
EmbracRace website
Embracerace web homepage
EmbraceRace website resources area showing responsive design

In the months following their new website launch, we’ve seen up to

500% growth in return visitors.

EmbraceRace social media templates
EmbraceRace impact report
Embracerace downloadable resource
Embracerace email template

Email Strategy

We worked with EmbraceRace to refine their email strategy. We started with a content plan to make a monthly newsletter a reality. We helped to update their automated welcome email. Finally, we designed a new email template. The template includes a donation ask and matches the look and feel of all their assets.

Embracerace style guide

MOD-Lab's amazing work and partnership over the last six months has been absolutely instrumental in positioning us to take good advantage of the opportunities presented to us.

The website, the simple-but-effective eNewsletter design, the beautiful Action Guide design, the emails-for-download mechanism, timely problem-solving, etc. etc. — the spirit and results of the MOD-Lab/EmbraceRace partnership have been awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Andrew Grant-Thomas, EmbraceRace Co-founder

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