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EmbraceRace Kids

The Client

EmbraceRace is a small but mighty organization. Their mission is to raise a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed, and brave about race. They create content and services for a community of parents, early childhood educators, and other caregivers.

EmbraceRace initially engaged us to help them create a marketing piece to tell their story to potential supporters. The success of that work led them to ask us to help redesign and build their website. Since then we have enjoyed an ongoing partnership of continued strategic and design support.

MOD-Lab's amazing work and partnership over the last six months has been absolutely instrumental in positioning us to take good advantage of the opportunities presented to us over the last couple weeks and months.

The website, the simple-but-effective eNewsletter design, the beautiful Action Guide design, the emails-for-download mechanism, timely problem-solving, etc. etc. — the spirit and results of the MOD-Lab/EmbraceRace partnership have been awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Andrew Grant-Thomas, EmbraceRace Co-founder


EmbraceRace builds its community through amazing content. Their website is home to a powerful collection of resources including articles, tip sheets, and webinars. Each new webinar or article they produce leads to hundreds of new supporters and followers.

The goals of their website redesign were as follows.

  1. Organize and present content in a way that makes it easier to discover and make sense of

  2. Extend their existing brand to create a website design and experience that matched the quality of their content

  3. Create a foundation to continue to evolve from

Initial Design

We started with EmbraceRace’s existing logo and brand colors, applying and extending them to create an award winning web design that reinforces the quality of the organization. The design expresses confidence. It lifts the spirit of both EmbraceRace staff and community members.

We shaped the website to have a resource area organized by a few key categories. This is to help users find what EmbraceRace offers faster. We also have a type of content called a topic. These topics let EmbraceRace curate a collection of related resources to showcase. Homepage

The top of the home page tells the story of EmbraceRace’s mission through navigation options, imagery, and impactful copy.

EmbraceRace Homepage Resources

As you scroll down the home page there is a curated collection of resources to showcase new or timeline content.

Each resource is coded to meet technical search engine optimization (SEO) best practices This helps drive content discovery on search engines.

We used Statamic to power the website. Statamic delivers an excellent content management experience. It is also secure, performant, and very fast to develop with.

Continuous Improvements

EmbraceRace is a MOD-Partnership client. This means means MOD-Lab team members work as an extension of the EmbraceRace team each month. Together we make continuous improvements to the website as well as work on other digital and print projects. The following are a few examples of improvements made.

Growing The Email List

With a stronger content foundation in place, our next strategic focus was on how best to use the website to build EmbraceRace's email list.

EmbraceRace Mailchimp Subscribe Pop-up

EmbraceRace is a longtime Mailchimp user. We styled and employed Mailchimp’s subscription pop-up.

We take a multi-opportunity approach. The first release of the website included sign up opportunities in the footer. Later we added a Mailchimp powered pop-up and forms to ask for an email address to access downloadable tip sheets.

Pop-ups work. But as a site that wants repeat visitors, having a pop-up show up with every visit is not ideal. Mailchimp does not offer a solution for this so we used website cookies to hide the pop-up. Once you see it, it will not show again for a period of time if using the same browser. This is a reasonable improvement to what Mailchimp offers.

All of these approaches proved effective, with the pop-up having notable success.

Email Strategy

We worked with EmbraceRace to put in place some email strategy improvements. This included a content plan to make a monthly newsletter a reality. We also helped to upgrade and improve an automated welcome email. Finally, we designed a new email template. The template includes a donation ask and matches the look and feel of the website.

EmbraceRace Mailchimp Template

We helped improve EmbraceRace's email strategy by creating a welcome email and a branded email template in Mailchimp.

Speaking To Donors

It's important to make sure a nonprofit's website speaks to donors.

We revised the content of the EmbraceRace donate and about pages to showcase their impact. Metrics showcase total impact alongside testimonials for personal impact. These changes help to present reasoning and value to inspire support.

The about page is often the second most visited page on a website. As such, it is important to give a visitor something to do from the about page. We included a call to action (CTA) to donate, alongside other content changes.


We monitored a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) following the launch. The results below evidence that the website redesign is on point to support our initial strategic outcomes.

In the months following the website launch (Nov. 2019 - Apr. 2020), we’ve seen:

  • up to 400% growth in sessions;

  • up to 500% growth in return visitors;

  • up to 200% growth in organic traffic (traffic from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, ... — an indicator of SEO efforts);

  • and up to 550% growth in email subscribers.

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