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Reimagine Website Design and Development

The Client

Reimagine is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that seeks to transform how we approach life by cultivating conversations about death. They do this through a week-long festival comprised of dozens of artistic and spiritual events. As you can imagine, selling tickets to an event and tracking the RSVPs can take a bit of coordination. But what about dozens of events in different locations?

When founder and executive director Brad Wolfe first approached MOD-Lab, Reimagine already had a preliminary website design sketched out by another firm. But they needed a partner who could move the concept into a fully-realized site where people could search for interesting events and purchase tickets. Reimagine seeks to make conversations about death and the meaning of life easier to discuss. MOD-Lab’s responsibility was making it easy to discover those conversations.

The Challenge

With the festival date nearing, it was a tight timeline. We decided to hit the ground running by dividing the project in two. One team refined the design and user experience while a second team simultaneously built the site and prototyped the event schedule and ticket purchase experience. The parallel projects required close collaboration so that decisions could be implemented quickly or else we risked missing the launch date. We chose Craft CMS as the core platform for its out-of-the-box content flexibility, ease of use, and robust website creation tools.

Brad explains, “Death is not an easy topic to explore so we needed a partner not just on the head-level but also on the heart-level. Seth and the MOD-Lab team knocked it out of the park. They were so thoughtfully strategic, helping us think through high-level problems and distilling solutions that allowed us to elegantly create a user experience that would work across a wide array of audiences throughout the city.”

Together we made the deadline and launched a week-long festival where Reimagine hosted 175 events with over 10,000 RSVPsThat’s three times the events and attendees they anticipated supporting before the platform launched! It was such a success, the mayor of San Francisco proclaimed it “Reimagine End of Life Week” and now plans are underway to bring the festival to more cities.

“What you really want in a partner is someone who has your best interests in mind … I can’t speak more highly of MOD-Lab or recommend anyone more.”

-Brad Wolfe, Founder and Executive Director

The Future

Now that we have more lead time before the next festival, MOD-Lab works as an extension of Reimagine’s internal design and digital team to make the platform even more robust. For instance, for the launch we used Craft CMS’s search function to allow users to find events that would interest them. But we were concerned that the site’s performance would be affected as the number of events grew. So we recommended since it’s uniquely built to offer high performance search. By integrating the event data in Craft CMS with Algolia, we revised the search interface to make filters more apparent and added a keyword search. With a redesigned interface, the results page is simpler than ever for the ticket purchaser to find exactly what they’re looking for. Best of all, we were able to make an already fast page load even faster while increasing the accuracy of search results.

And how does Brad feel about our partnership? “What you really want in a partner is someone who has your best interests in mind. Not only were they diligent in following up and keeping things moving, MOD-Lab really helped pushed our initiative forward. Given our mission-focus, we’re a heart-centered organization so it’s important to us to have a family-like feeling. MOD-Lab is part of our family. I can’t speak more highly of them or recommend anyone more. I really look forward to continuing our work together.”

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