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JOE NYC Visual Branding and Collateral

The Joint Ownership Entity (JOE) NYC is a young nonprofit helping other small nonprofits continue to efficiently and competitively offer affordable housing in New York City.

We had the pleasure of working with JOE NYC’s Executive Director when he was working at a previous client of ours. Given the good work we did together there, he engaged us to help design a new visual brand for JOE NYC.

Discovery and Process

We began with meetings with key members of the team to get to know JOE NYC as well as the organizations they serve. Then we engaged in a creative process to explore a professional yet approachable logo treatment to serve as the foundational element of their visual brand. 

Our final solution was a bold typograhic treatment that reflects the modern thinking behind the organizations mission, and that represents the idea of support for the NYC community. 

Collateral Design

Upon selection of the logo, we worked to extend the visual brand to stationary and business cards.

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