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WeRobotics Website Design And Development

WeRobotics is an exceptional organization, dedicated to empowering local experts across the globe. They use drone, data, and AI technologies to drive sustainable solutions in development, aid, and environmental initiatives.

Their small, yet mighty team has made a significant impact. However, their website needed a refresh to better showcase their work. The original site, rich in content and detail about their mission, was text-intensive. WeRobotics partnered with us to create a more visually engaging site that effectively showcases their work and amplifies their impact, bolstering confidence among their donors and program partners.

Through our discovery process, we embarked on a journey with their team, starting with the identification of key audiences. With these audiences in mind, we encouraged the development of concise messaging statements. This focused approach led to a revitalized website with strategic landing pages that clearly exhibit their work and its far-reaching effects. The WeRobotics team has been delighted with these enhancements.

WeRobotics homepage with the hero headline "The Power of Local" and two images showing people working drone technology. This is followed by a section highlighting their three main areas of work - "Local Experts", "Systems Innovation", "Global Connection", and "Technology Solutions".

Our organization's new website is everything we were dreaming about: beautiful, engaging and responsive design, secure technology that has great response times and a CMS that we have full control over to create and update our content. However, the biggest value of our collaboration with MOD-Lab was their process. We were guided and challenged to rethink our audience, messaging and content, which allowed us to benefit from expert guidance on creating the most relevant content for the audiences we want to reach.

- Sonja Betschart, Co-Founder & Co-Pilot, WeRobotics

A before and after comparison of the WeRobitics homepage. The contrast not only shows a more designed and styled new homepage but also how text heavy the previous version was compared to the new.
Shows two details of WeRobotic's new landing page templates. A hero area with image, title, and summary. The image has nice design treatment that uses corner border on the upper right and bottom left inspired by their logo treatment. The second detail is a collection of cards highlighting related pages.
A montage of wireframes created during the discovery process of the WeRobotics redesign.

Planning for storytelling

Wire-framing helps us collaborate around the content of the website. We prioritize what content is needed on unique pages like the homepage. For general, landing, and blog pages we visualize the various blocks of content that will be available for them to tell their stories with.

Three design section details include a grid of recent blog entries with an image, title, and teaser each followed by a metric bar. The metric bar has two impact metrics as well as a button to learn more about their impact.

Homepage Lighthouse scores for desktop and mobile

Accessibility 100 & SEO 99

A montage of content blocks showing each block type on its own. There is a call to action block that uses the WeRobotics red, and image, and white text, a grid of headshots for people that could be used on a team page, an image slider, a metric block highlight two impact statistics and button to learn more about their impact, and more.

Building pages flexibly with content blocks

We build websites that are flexible, easy to use, and easy to stay on brand with. For many page types including their landing pages, blogs, and general pages, the main content of the page is constructed using a library of content blocks. Creating a team page? They can use a people block to layout a grid of team members. On a program landing page they can add a metric block to highlight their impact and a callout with testimonial to humanize their work. Blocks can be added and ordered flexibly. In the future, new blocks can be added. When a new block is added it becomes available on every page type that blocks are used.

Three details screenshots of the WeRobotics website shown on a phone. These highlight the responsive design of the site. One of the image shows how the hero on the homepage scales with key messaging statement going to the top followed but the two images of people working with drone hardware.

We have had fantastic feedback from partners on the greatly improved clarity of our work and beautiful design. We also had much feedback on the speed of the new website, especially in low-bandwidth countries where our previous website took up to 10 seconds to load, while the new version built with MOD-Lab takes less than a second.

- Sonja Betschart, Co-Founder & Co-Pilot, WeRobotics

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