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Craft CMS Development

Craft CMS is Minds On Design Lab's content management system of choice. It allows us to create beautiful websites that are very easy for you to use.

Craft handles unique content types with robust taxonomies in a consistent way and completely out of the box. No plugins are needed to make working with your diverse content intuitive. This makes development and maintenance more efficient.

The publishing experience is fantastic. Inline directions, ability to preview changes in realtime, save and share drafts before publishing, and more are all out of the box functionality. There is no need for 20 page PDF guides to instruct you on how to manage your content.

Craft's core features are enhanced through an ecosystem of professionally created and maintained plugins. A professional community including over 230 recognized development partners of which we are one are available should ever needed.

Shared values with Craft allows our design visions to come to life without platform induced struggle. Craft’s commitment to accessibility is unmatched by any other major platform.

Our Craft sites are intentionally built to handle your content. We include thoughtful flexibility that you can employ to build out the body of your pages. This helps your use of the site focus on content without fear of going off brand or breaking a page.

EmbracRace website

Craft lets our design visions shine with less effort

It is paramount that our nonprofit, foundation, and social good clients' stories are beautifully told. Craft provides a blank canvas so our web designs and code can be brought to life efficiently.

Reimagine web home

What I like about Craft CMS is that it's easy to use - I don't have any background in updating websites or coding but I've been able to manage our Alumni Talent Portal with ease. Also, the steps to update a page once it's already been published are very easy; I can always fix small mistakes quickly!

- Aliyah Grant, ReelWorks, Career Development Program Assistant

Science Literacy Foundation website homepage

After a little over 6 months of using the Craft CMS system, I find the system intuitive, the content blocks easy to use, and the back-end navigation easy to learn. I've worked at other places where the CMS is so complicated, the long-time staff doesn't know everything about it and new employees struggle to learn. Our system is necessarily very simple, it's true, but Craft also helps make it that simple, which is exactly what our small team needs to keep things running.

- Jillian Mock, Co-Founder, Science Literacy Foundation & OpenMind Magazine

EmbraceRace website resources area showing responsive design

Responsive And Flexible

Craft lets us design its system to match your content. Unlike other tools that require figuring out how to fit your content within their restrictions. This results in a more intuitive publisher experience and ability to address complex content challenges with less effort.

Mouse web home full

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